MakerSpace In Denton MD

MakerSpace example, this is Hackspace Manchester
MakerSpace example, this is Hackspace Manchester

Ever since I have started making/hacking, I have always wanted to join a MakerSpace to collaborate with other that have like interests and have access to tools I couldn’t afford. After searching on the internet I found MakerSpaces, but nothing was close enough to be manageable between school and work. I’ve waited for one to start that is closer but it hasn’t happened yet.

YOURLS Multi Domain

Recently I wanted to convert all my link shorteners to YOURLS which is a pretty awesome, easy to use link shortener. I could have easily setup YOURLS 8 times, but that felt unnecessary since all the files are static and all the data is stored in MySQL. So I modified the config to allow for multiple databases based on the domain it is being accessed from.

Restrict SSH to one IP


Restricting access to SSH to only allow specified IPs is a good practice for securing your server. Also it is very simple to do. All it take is a change to one file and you are done. Be careful doing this if you have a dynamic IP. You don’t to get locked out of your server if your IP changes.

CentOS Upgrade to PHP7

Change SSH Port

SSH Icon

I recently notices a rise in failed SSH login attempts on my server so decided to lock it down even more. Changing your SSH port is a easy way to add security to your linux box. This will be stop script kiddies from brute forcing your box (make sure you have a strong complex password). This will not stop all attacks, but it will help. I will be using Centos 7, but the process should be pretty much the same on most linux boxes.